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Selling Services B2B involves some interesting decisions when it comes to growth. Do you hire a dedicated sales person? Do you train some who's technical to have sales as part of their role? Navigating these decisions with the right strategy can make a world of difference to your growth. See how things went for some of the companies we worked with below, or to see more case studies download the PowerPoint of our B2B Growth Stories:

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Founder Sales Solution has made an invaluable contribution to Bright Circle. Their consulting work with us has totally changed our sales processes and their contribution has already helped us grow our sales significantly.

As a startup, we have designed most of our systems ourselves. These necessarily go through several iterations before they work effectively. Before working with FSS our sales process was less disciplined, structured and focused. Our sales and consequently our pipeline of work and cashflow were inconsistent.

Founder Sales Solution has brought significant structure, and has coached us regularly to keep us on track with our quarterly sales commitments. Specifically, they helped us to start using our CRM much more strategically than we have been. They also coached us in how to sell to our clients, with a focus on helping them fulfil their needs in an ethical way.

The sales platform is now solid and effective enough to support our business as we scale. We have grown significantly in the last year, and their work has helped us to plan (with our clients) a pipeline of work that is often months in advance. This facilitates our planning, cashflow and growth strategy.

If you have the chance to work with them, do it! Their advice is invaluable to startups who want to build a platform for growth. Thank you.

– Peter Van Der Merwe, Managing Director at Bright Circle:

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