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The team at Founder Sales Solution 'get' B2B sales and 'get' what it's like to be first sales hire's. The first sales hire is a really different role to being sales person number 5 onwards and a lot of sales professionals just aren't aware of what it takes to support Founders to get their first successful sales hire's in place. That's what we do.

Peter Solway, Sales, Team, Health

Pete Solway


Pete has founded multiple business's and also lived though being a first sales hire.

Some notable experience of Pete's includes:

  • Building the first $1M in revenue for an Enterprise software company while hitting 135% of revenue targets
  • Raised early-stage investment money and government grants to fund a pre-seed stage startup ≈ $650K
  • 2 occasion's of achieving more than 3X revenues within 6 months working with Founder Sales Solution Clients

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Tamie Lee

Tammie Lee

Sales and Marketing Partner

Tammie is a 2 time first sales hire and also runs her own health related business. She also extends her experience of sales into the B2C world and has deep experience in Digital marketing.

Some notable experience of Tammie's includes:

  • 2 X being the first successful sales hire
  • Leading Sales at a high performing digital marketing agency
  • A Startmante Women's Fellow

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k Klose - Founder Sales Solution

Erik Klose

B2C Sales Partner

Erik Specialises in working with B2C Sales Teams (5+). He's trained 1000's of sales people as well as:

  • Supported a company to go from 8 to 160 sales people in 12 months
  • Supported a bottom performing sales team (8th) to 1st within 30 day's

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