Sales Hire Readiness - Improving your scorecard results

The tangible steps to increase your sales hire readiness and 2-3x your revenue along the way


What we cover in the free 60min masterclass

  • Affordability: The numbers and context to having the right cash reserves in place
  • Marketability: The approach to deeply understanding your customers
  • Systems: The process's you need to have in place to support sales hire success
  • Enabling: Managing a sales person, what's needed and how to approach it


See what happens when you become sales hire ready

"We realised we weren't ready to hire a sales rep.

Instead we focused on becoming sales hire ready and more then tripled our revenue from $300K to over a $1M in 6 months.

Now we have the right revenue and process's in place to support a successful sales hire!"

Peter Van Der Merwe - Founder - Bright Circle

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