We help founders selling B2B 2-3x their revenues and hit their next growth milestone

For founders doing $500K - $5M who want confidence, sustainability and quality culture with their growth plans


Sales, Marketing and Team Strategy

Do you want to be supported and feel confident about the strategy you have in place to achieve you next revenue milestone?

As a founder you're an expert in your market and product/service offering. We provide the fuel and clarity needed to set your B2B sales growth strategy.

We're experienced early-stage business builders with a core skillset in sales.

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When working with us you can expect:

  • Reduced Overwhelm
  • Feel supported in hitting your growth goals
  • Clear Team Strategy
  • More Sales - a clear plan to hit your sales targets

If you have the chance to work with Pete, do it. He is so caring and encouraging and brings almost a decade of startup experience. His advice is invaluable to founders who want to build a platform for growth.

— Peter Van Der Merwe - Founder, Bright Circle

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