Sales Coach & Revenue Partner

The support to hit your next meaningful revenue milestone

You currently do $X in revenue and have ambition's to reach $Y. Following our Sales Engine Strategy we bring the skillset of a sales manager to your team a few hours a week, so you only pay for what you need to significantly increase revenue and hit your next growth milestone.

What this can include

We select a bespoke approach for each client to prioritise what is most likely to work for you.

This can include, but is not limited to:

Sales & Business Strategy Alignment

  • Review Your Sales Process - Get clear on the best way to spend your valuable time
  • Quarterly Plan's - So you and your team hit's their targets
  • Sales Strategy Insights - Business model and pricing review's that go straight to your bottom line


  • When to Hire & The Viable Commercial Model
  • How Much To Pay
  • Leading The Hiring Process - Job description, advertising & interviews
  • Setting Targets & Commissions - Get the balance right between a happy salesperson and a profitable business

Tactical Sales Management

  • Best Practice Sales Meeting's - to keep you and your team on target
  • CRM Set Up - Prioritising your pipeline like a pro
  • 1 On 1 Sales Coaching - Stop losing deal's and not knowing why
  • Sales call support - We'll join meetings and show you the questions to ask to make more $
  • Energy Management - Balance business growth with long term sales success

Click here to see CASE STUDIES of working with us
 Frame - Founder Sales Solution

I now enjoy sales, have grown revenues by 266% and have a platform for much further sales growth. Something 12 months ago I never thought possible.

- Ed Frame (Exemplify, Founder)

Founder Sales Solution trained sales and set up up our sales process to support rapid growth.

We tripled the business in 5 months

- Jodie Inmam (COO and Co Founder)

Matt Dodson - Founder Sales Solution

We successfully identified an ideal customer profile and implemented a sales framework, comp plan and team structure that increased NRR (Net revenue retention).

- Matt Dodson (Teamgage, Head of Customer Success)

When working with us you can expect:

  • Reduced Overwhelm
  • More energy & clarity
  • More success - as you define it
  • More sales - the plan to reach your next growth milestone

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