B2B Sales Growth: Strategy & Execution

Build your sales team beyond yourself

Set up your professional sales engine so you can affordably, and profitably, build your sales team.

I’ve done the hard yards being on the front line in taking my previous business from less than $5K in revenue to over its first $1M in revenue. I’ve made A LOT of mistakes along the way and learned some invaluable lessons.

So with my support, you can look to – Grow your sales engine and build your team..

I do this by helping founders and early-stage businesses scale their sales engine so they’re no longer the only salesperson in their business. Putting in place the foundations of enough revenue, pipeline, and process for business growth, and building your sales team.

My work includes:

Sales & Business Strategy Alignment

  • Review Your Sales Process - Get clear on the best way to spend your valuable time
  • Quarterly Plan's - So you and your team hit's their targets
  • Sales Strategy Insights - Business model and pricing review's that go straight to your bottom line


  • When to Hire & The Viable Commercial Model
  • How Much To Pay
  • Leading The Hiring Process - Job description, advertising & interviews
  • Setting Targets & Commissions - Get the balance right between a happy salesperson and a profitable business

Tactical Sales Management

  • Best Practice Sales Meeting's - to keep you and your team on target
  • CRM Set Up - Prioritising your pipeline like a pro
  • 1 On 1 Sales Coaching - Stop losing deal's and not knowing why
  • Sales call support - I'll join meetings and show you the questions to ask to make more $
  • Energy Management - Balance business growth with long term sales success

Here’s some feedback from one of my clients

– Peter Van Der Merwe, Managing Director at Bright Circle:

Pete Solway has made an invaluable contribution to Bright Circle. His consulting work with us has totally changed our sales processes and his contribution has already helped us grow our sales significantly.

As a startup, we have designed most of our systems ourselves. These necessarily go through several iterations before they work effectively. Before working with Pete our sales process was less disciplined, structured and focussed. Our sales and consequently our pipeline of work and cashflow were inconsistent.

Pete has brought significant structure, and has coached us regularly to keep us on track with our quarterly sales commitments. Specifically, he has helped us to start using our CRM much more strategically than we have been. He has also coached us in how to sell to our clients, with a focus on helping them fulfil their needs in an ethical way. What I particularly value about Pete is his ethics and his energetic and inspiring ‘you can do it!’ attitude.

Pete has helped us build a sales platform that is soild and effective enough to support our business as we scale. We have grown significantly in the last year, and Pete’s work has helped us to plan (with our clients) a pipeline of work that is often months in advance. This facilitates our planning, cashflow and growth strategy. Pete’s help has been invaluable, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

If you have the chance to work with Pete, do it! He is so caring and encouraging, and brings almost a decade of startup experience. His advice is invaluable to startups who want to build a platform for growth. Thank you, Pete.

"I highly recommend working with Pete.

We saw results from his suggestions almost immediately, and our team is stronger than ever.”

- Fiorella Allen Klein (Tractor Ventures)

Pete Solway from Founder Sales Solution trained sales and set up up sales process to support rapid growth.

We tripled the business in 5 months

- Jodie Inmam (COO and Co Founder)

We worked with Pete to engage an agency with a robust set up around targeting.

We closed just shy of $30K in new business from the first 2 leads generated

- Georgie Cousens (IDEASEED)

When working with me you can expect:

  • Reduced Overwhelm
  • More energy & clarity
  • More success - as you define it
  • More sales - the plan to surpass your sales targets

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