About Us

The team at Founder Sales Solution 'get' B2B sales and 'get' what it's like to be first sales hire's. The first sales hire is a really different role to being sales person number 5 onwards. A lot of sales professionals just aren't aware of what it takes to support Founders to get their first successful sales hire's in place. That's what we do.

Our Purpose

To help Founders reconnect with why they’re building and running a business. We do this by aligning these goals with their commercial goals and helping them achieve both.


To support growing B2B business’s with:

  • Their sales function
  • Their first sales hires with what they need to succeed,
  • Founder guidance to reach their next meaningful growth milestone.

10 Year Vision

Help 100 small business owners reach their next meaningful growth goal and re connect with why they’re running their business.

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