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The journey to reaching your next growth milestone means moving the dial on your revenue numbers. The best path to this destination is often made a lot easier having a collection of experts that you pay for just what you need (instead of hiring a full timer). At Founder Sales Solution we do what we know well, and we also have the skillset of recommending in and managing other specifically chosen partners to achieve your revenue goals.

Laura Craig - Founder Sales Solution

Laura Craig

Chief Marketing Officer - Vivo Marketing

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Mark Mc & Kevin de Beer

Outsourced Cold calling Agency - Sales Dev Australia

Finding new clients is very difficult.

We help businesses get in front of more perfect prospects without the expense or hassle of running a sales team.

We are not Lead Generators or Telemarketers. We are Prospecting As A Service.

Whether you need to research a market niche or a pay-per-performance model, we have you covered.

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James Michael - Justified Talent

James Michael

1st Sales Hire Specialist Recruiter - Justified Talent

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James Smith

Bid and Tender Writer - Bid Helpdesk

Bid Helpdesk is for compelling and competitive bids and tender writing.

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Ed Frame - Founder Sales Solution

Ed Frame

Hubspot Set up Expert - Exemplify

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Sharon Stanley - Founder Sales Solution

Sharon Stanley

Account Management Specialist - Sharon Stanley Consulting

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