Team Performance, Collaboration, and Culture Workshop

Are you looking to bring your team closer, while realising process efficiencies and planning for the future?

This workshop is a great culture builder and often sees a significant shift in the way a team collaborates with each other ... meaning a better culture and more $ flowing through your business.

The workshop itself goes through the different personality types, and how to best interact with each other based on what each person's unique genius is. From there we cover approaches to collaborate more effectively.

The workshop allows you to recognise how each person naturally creates value and how to nurture that value (at work and outside of work). 

In this workshop we'll cover:

  • The Talent Dynamics Personality profiling model - The square
  • The specific profile scores of each team member
  • The combination of your team's scores - where you're strong, and where your team could use some help
  • Workshopping specific scenarios where more effective collaboration is needed - relating to business process efficiencies
  • Strategy about your team planning moving forward to set up for success and evolve your business to the next level

+ Each Team Member Get's a Personalised Talent Dynamics Profile - Valued at $100USD each

Why Me - My Story of Profiling and Team Management

In my early years of business I had a team of 10 people, and being a good people person I thought I would be a great manager. I was wrong!

... after accepting my bruised ego I decided to do something about it and went deep down the personality profiling and management rabbit hole.

This profiling and team management work not only allows for better commercial results, but an overall better place to work for all.

My Training

  • Flow Consultant – Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics
  • Performance Consultant – for high-performance teams

Get a sense of the Talent Dynamics Profiing System here:

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